Classic traditionals that we can't forget once loved which we try to render at their best as we love them too.

Choose from each " hors d'oeuvre" and a" main course.

・Mussels Fisherman Style
・Beef and Bacon Pâté
・"Parma" Ham Salad
・Fried mushrooms

・Grilled Pork,Tomato and Pickles Sauce (3200yens)
・Roast Lamb,Flavor of Thyme (5500yens)
・Grilled BeefSteak with French Mustard Sauce (4000yens)
・Poached Trouts with Herb Cream Sauce (3400yens)
・Duck Roast Red Wine Butter Sauce (4800yens)
・Shepherd pie (2700yens)

Menus can vary depending on season and provisions.

  • 合鴨のロースト
  • 自家製テリーヌ
  • ニジマスのハーブソース

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