Traditional and original French cuisine in an unformal atmosphere to relax in as at home in Provence, we wish you to relax under our platanus from South of France as if on holiday.

Choose from each" hors d'oeuvre" and a" main course.

・Porc pate and green side salad
・Green"lentils"salad from Le Puy France
・Beef and Bacon Pate (sup 450uens)
・Shrimp and Avocado Salad (sup 450yens)

・Grilled Pork,Tomato and Pickles Sauce (1500yens)
・Grilled Beef Steak with French Mustard Sauce (1800yens)

Menus can vary depending on season and provisions.

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  • 豚肉の網焼き
  • 牛もも肉のステーキ

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